Troubleshooting Execution

Verify your Installation

First you should make sure that all Theodolite pods are up and running by typing:

kubectl get pods

If pods are still creating or failing to start, you should simply wait a bit longer or investigate this further.

If Theodolite is installed via Helm, you can also use helm test to verify that everything is installed as expected. Just run the following command (replace theodolite by your release name) and wait for all tests to be completed:

helm test theodolite

Getting Execution Events

Theodolite produces Kubernetes events, which you can view by running:

kubectl describe execution <your-execution-name>

Looking at the Operator Logs

If you cannot figure out why your benchmark execution fails, you might want to have look at the operator logs:

kubectl logs -l app=theodolite -c theodolite

You might also add the -f flag to follow the logs.

Contact the Maintainers

Do not hesitate to ask for help if you are still having problems. Attaching Theodolite’s logs to your request is likely to help us solving your problem.