Release Process

This document describes how to perform a new Theodolite release.

We assume that we are creating the release v0.3.1. Please make sure to adjust the following steps according to the release, you are actually performing.

  1. Create a new branch v0.3 if it does not already exist. This branch will never again be merged into main.

  2. Checkout the v0.3 branch.

  3. Update all references to artifacts which are versioned. This includes:

    1. Update all references to Theodolite Docker images to tag v0.3.1. These are:
      1. the default helm/values.yaml file,
      2. the example execution/theodolite.yaml job,
      3. the Kubernetes benchmark resources in theodolite-benchmarks/definitions/**/resources and
      4. the Docker Compose files in theodolite-benchmarks/docker-test.
    2. Update both, the version and the appVersion fields, in the Helm Charts.yaml file to 0.3.1.

    3. Update the version field of the theodolite/build.gradle file to 0.3.1. Make sure to also adjust all references to the build artifact in the theodolite/

    4. Update codemeta.json to match the new version. In particular, make sure that version points to the version you are releasing and dateModified points to the date you are relasing this version. CodeMeta generator may help you in updating the file.

    5. Update CITATION.cff to match the new version. At least update the version field.
  4. Create a Helm package by running ./ from the chart directory.

  5. Update the Helm repository index of located at /docs by running ./ v0.3.1.

  6. Commit these changes to the v0.3 branch.

  7. Tag this commit v0.3.1 (can be done via GitLab). The corresponding Docker images will be uploaded from the CI/CD pipeline.

  8. Create releases on GitLab and GitHub. Upload the generated Helm package to these releases via the UIs of GitLab and GitHub.

  9. Switch to the main branch.

  10. Re-run ./ v0.3.1 to include the latest release in the upstream Helm repository. You can now delete the packaged Helm chart.

  11. If this release increments Theodolite’s latest version number,

    1. Update the Helm Charts.yaml file to 0.4.0-SNAPSHOT (see Step 3).

    2. Update the Theodolite build.gradle and files 0.4.0-SNAPSHOT (see Step 3).

    3. Update the codemeta.json file according to Step 3.

    4. Update the CITATION.cff file according to Step 3.

  12. Commit these changes to the main branch.