Getting Started

All you need to get started is access to a Kubernetes cluster plus kubectl and Helm installed on your machine.

  1. To install Theodolite with all its dependencies run:

    helm repo add theodolite
    helm repo update
    helm install theodolite theodolite/theodolite -f

    After installation, it may take some time until all components are ready. You can check the status of the installation by running:

    kubectl get pods

    In particular, the Kafka Schema Registry may restart a couple of times.

  2. Get the Theodolite examples from the Theodolite repository and cd into its example directory:

    git clone
    cd theodolite/theodolite/examples/operator/
  3. Deploy the example Benchmark and package its associated Kubernetes resources in a ConfigMap:

    kubectl apply -f example-benchmark.yaml
    kubectl apply -f example-configmap.yaml
  4. Verify that the Benchmark has been deployed successfully:

    kubectl get benchmarks

    The output is similar to this:

    NAME                AGE   STATUS
    example-benchmark   81s   Ready
  5. Run the Benchmark by deploying an Execution:

    kubectl apply -f example-execution.yaml 
  6. Verify that the Executions is running:

    kubectl get executions

    The output is similar to this:

    NAME                           STATUS    DURATION   AGE
    theodolite-example-execution   Running   13s        14s

    Theodolite provides additional information on the current status of an Execution by producing Kubernetes events. To see them:

    kubectl describe execution theodolite-example-execution

Next Steps